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Reshaping Mathematics Education Today, For a Better Tomorrow

January 12, 2022

Reshaping Mathematics Education Today, For a Better Tomorrow


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Transforming lives and communities through the power of education, enrichment and economic development is the motto of Macomb Community College. It’s a true embodiment of their commitment in ensuring that their students are set up for success at the post-secondary level and beyond.

With the need to transition to a fully online delivery model, having been heightened and brought to the forefront due to the pandemic, one of the concerns of the Math department was test and exam security to maintain academic integrity. Another concern was creating content which is easy to comprehend, conceptualize and grasp, with scenarios that all students could relate to and possibly apply in their day to day lives.

Beginning in the Winter of 2021, the Math faculty decided to test new waters and see how they could enrich student learning, engagement and experience, by introducing Vretta’s IntroMath for the Fundamentals of Mathematics course, at their South Campus.

The feedback from the initial implementation up until now has been positive and encouraging, with the common recurring theme being that the interactive lessons that students go through on their own time have been very beneficial. The engaging modules, which break down concepts into micro-steps, also include real-life applications and scenarios, making the experience a memorable and relatable one. After honing in on their craft on the lessons, the students put their abilities to the test by completing an assignment, which tests their overall understanding of that particular topic area and allows them to cement their skills and flex their muscles, as they inch a step closer to conquering the puzzle that is math.

The online learning for students has become even more paramount for the College, with the introduction of an asynchronous model starting soon and the Institution will also be following a remote learning option for the foreseeable future.

Coupled with the positive student response and instructor satisfaction, the department is looking forward to building on the momentum garnered from the Fundamentals of Math course. They are working towards implementing Vretta’s IntroMath for Calculus and Technology Mathematics, where students could really benefit from an intuitive learning experience.

The benefits to student success while using IntroMath, has boosted Macomb Community College as a leader in digital learning.

To learn more about how the Macomb Community College is reshaping mathematics education for their students, email our learning and assessment specialists at