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We are proud to be a part of various organizations, events, and communities that are passionate about creating better learning and assessments technologies for all students. Below you can find where will be next and how you can connect with these communities.


We host a variety of webinars throughout the year that cover a range of topics such as best practices for learning and assessment technology, training sessions for our products, sessions on the latest mathematics trends hosted by leaders in the global math community and much more!

The Learning Cosmos: Technology's Role in the Evolution of Educational Assessment

23 May, 2023

In our vast cosmic neighborhood, where the seeds of knowledge are sown in the fertile minds of our future generations, technology is the gen...

Vretta-Lyryx: Merging Best Practices and Technologies to Support Student Success

31 March, 2023

On March 31, 2023, Vretta’s higher education division and Lyryx Learning merged to create a more comprehensive and progressive education tec...

Dr. Graham Orpwood Receives the Prestigious Lifetime Contribution Award

21 July, 2022

On July 21, 2022, the e-Assessment Association presented the prestigious 2022 Lifetime Contribution Award to Dr. Graham Orpwood for his unwa...

Mathematics Reward Recipients Share their Experiences

1 July, 2022

The mathematics rewards program runs every semester at Seneca College where a handful of brilliant students are given the opportunity to rec...

Vretta renews support for innovation and entrepreneurship at Seneca HELIX

5 April, 2022

For more than 10 years, technology education company Vretta has been supporting innovation and entrepreneurship at Seneca. ...

GeoGebra for Open-Source Assessment Platforms

6 February, 2022

The architecture of assessment platforms in education are typically structured around global interoperable standards such as those of the IM...

Reshaping Mathematics Education Today, For a Better Tomorrow

12 January, 2022

Transforming lives and communities through the power of education, enrichment and economic development is the motto of Macomb Community Coll...

Raising the Level of Numeracy at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

20 October, 2021

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is the primary provider of technical education and skills training in the province of Saskatchewan for over 28,000 ...

Closing the Numeracy Gap at the University of Derby

28 September, 2021

Numeracy is the ability to work competently and confidently with numbers, especially in practical contexts. ...

Vretta supports Seneca students during the pandemic

6 May, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect students at Seneca: seventy-nine per cent are experiencing financial hardship, three out of four h...

Giving back

We are proud to work alongside many different organizations, charities, and initiatives that are making a difference locally and around the world. Check out some of the amazing initiatives we are currently helping to support.

Supporting Seneca students during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect students at Seneca: 79% are experiencing financial hardship, 75% have had their employment affected, and 90% are feeling anxiety and uncertainty about their future plans. Vretta continued to support Seneca students during the pandemic through their financial contribution, Entrepreneurial Numeracy Skills platform, mathematics rewards, and strategic advising to enable student-entrepreneurs at Seneca-HELIX start and grow their businesses.

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Supporting COVID-19 Healthcare Professionals

Canadian hospitals required continuous support to ensure all healthcare professionals have the necessary provisions and equipment to continue care for COVID-19 patients. Vretta supported a reputed charity called CanadaHelps that enables hospitals to scale up their operations, ensuring healthcare professionals have the necessary equipment to care for COVID-19 patients needing treatment. Vretta’s contribution provided equipment and critical medical aid, including personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare providers.

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Supporting Teaching and Leadership Capacity

The Educator and Leadership Institute (ELI) is an organization that builds teaching and leadership capacity in communities globally through professional courses and workshops. The objective of ELI is to positively impact the learning outcomes of students and educators in Haiti, Nepal, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Ghana. Vretta’s partnership with ELI to support their vision involves the design, development, hosting, and maintenance of the ELI web and online resource portal for its effective use in all the low internet bandwidth areas.

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Supporting Most Vulnerable Youth in Communities

The Career Foundation is a non-profit registered charity (reg. # 12265 9048RR 0001) that has been supporting the development of human potential for over three decades. Vretta’s partnership with The Career Foundation to support their mission involves contributions that enable life-changing employment and training opportunities provided to the community’s most vulnerable youth.

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Connecting Mathematics Educators Across Ontario

The Ontario Colleges Mathematics Association (OCMA) is an independently organized, not-for-profit association that facilitates communication among Ontario college mathematics faculty and keeps them informed of new methodologies and current needs for mathematics. Vretta’s partnership with the OCMA to support their vision involves the design, development, and maintenance of their web portal to ensure seamless connection among mathematics educators across the province of Ontario.

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Raising Social Consciousness for Fanshawe Students

The Haiti Awareness Trip 2015 (HAT’15) was a social consciousness trip for participating students at Fanshawe College with the first-hand international exposure to what they learned in the classroom. Through the trip, students interacted and witnessed personal testimonials from people living in situations that are different from what they experience in Canada. Vretta supported the mission of HAT’15 by providing financial assistance to participating students, enabling this life-changing exposure for them.

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