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Vretta Awarded Contract from the French Ministry of Education to Deploy Large-scale Assessments in France

January 16, 2017

Vretta Awarded Contract from the French Ministry of Education to Deploy Large-scale Assessments in France


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The Division of Evaluation, Planning and Performance (DEPP) at the French Ministry of Education has awarded Vretta the contract to deploy large-scale interactive assessments for their national tests at primary schools in France.

The plan to generalize large-scale assessments on tablets for all primary school students across France was established after a successful pilot that was conducted by the DEPP in 2016 in partnership with Vretta. A mobile assessment platform, which could run in an offline environment, was designed and developed along with about 300 interactive assessment items in Mathematics and French. Voice-enabled tutorials, custom tools, interactions, and questionnaires were also developed within the platform to engage and guide students through the assessment experience. A custom data structure was also created to allow for the offline collection of data. The application was successfully used by over 3 000 students at 100 schools, in partnership with l’Académie de Versailles, France. The navigation tools and tutorials guided students through the interactive assessments, and the built-in surveys demonstrated that students found the experience to be highly positive.

Dr. Thierry Rocher, Head of Office for Student Assessment at the DEPP stated "this project has confirmed that large-scale interactive assessments benefit greatly when presented on mobile devices". He added "the success of this pilot also provides great promise for digital assessments administered in an offline environment".

Based on the success of this pilot, through a request for proposal, the French Ministry of Education awarded Vretta the contract for the deployment of the assessments across all primary schools in the country. Currently, the teams at the DEPP and Vretta are collaborating for the official launch of the large-scale assessment on tablets, in an offline environment, across France.

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