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Vretta has been Awarded the Contract to Implement Math Assessments & Remediation Resources to Prepare Students for Post-secondary Education

November 09, 2015

Vretta has been Awarded the Contract to Implement Math Assessments & Remediation Resources to Prepare Students for Post-secondary Education


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Humber College, the institution leading the implementation of the provincial Math Assessment for placement and Remediation resources, announced that it has selected Vretta to be the partner in facilitating the implementation of these resources at Humber and other participating colleges across Ontario.

The provincial assessment and remediation resources were developed through the College Student Achievement Project (CSAP) with all the colleges in Ontario, and it was funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. The overall purpose of the CSAP Assessment Project is to enhance student success at college. Building on assessment items submitted by college faculty, the CSAP team (with Vretta as its technology partner) developed an online diagnostic math assessment, based on the principles of Assessment for Learning. The assessment items have been psychometrically analysed and validated through extensive field trials involving about 10,000 students at high schools and colleges in Ontario.

The diagnostic assessment is linked to a set of carefully designed interactive remediation modules. Together, the assessment and remediation resources enable students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the foundations of mathematics, and remediate as necessary.

Currently, with Vretta being awarded the contract, Humber is in collaboration with us to facilitate the implementation of these unique Math Assessments and interactive Remediation resources at the college to provide students with an engaging experience in mathematics.

“This is exciting news for all of us at Vretta as we get closer and closer to fulfilling our vision to raise the level of numeracy for every student!” says Anand Karat, President of Vretta. He adds, “The CSAP has been a leader in making Assessments for Learning a reality in the Ontario College System, and in collaboration with Vretta, a transformative learning experience has been created for students to engage with core math concepts in ways that will build their confidence and help them succeed in their chosen academic program. Additionally, Humber College is noted for its leadership in the area of mathematics and we look forward to our continued partnership with the college and other colleges in Ontario to raise the level of numeracy for students in the province.”

The process of implementing the Math Assessments and Remediation resources has been planned to commence at Humber College from January 2016.