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Vretta Sponsors The Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment Award at the e-Assessment Award Ceremony

May 01, 2021

Vretta Sponsors The Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment Award at the e-Assessment Award Ceremony


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Since the early 1990s, institutions around the world have been conducting many experiments to bring innovation into the development and delivery of assessments. Assessments with innovative characteristics are known to send signals to educators, students, and parents about the learning that is most valued in the system (Stecher and Hamilton, 2009). Research has also shown that innovation in assessments enable teachers to change their practice in desirable ways, such as focusing greater attention on problem solving (Koretz et al., 1996).

With over a decade of research and dedication in understanding how students succeed by interacting with rich and engaging technology-enhanced assessments, Vretta specializes in the innovative use of assessments to provide greater equity and strengthen the skills of students. They focus on modernizing assessment and learning solutions through creative design, backed by psychometric precision, delivering reliable, flexible and equitable learning and assessment experiences for students, educators, and administrators.

Vretta places high value in the recognition received from the e-Assessment Association, and has also been the recipient for the Best Use of Formative Assessment Award (2019), Best Transformational Project Award (2018), Best Use of Formative Assessment Award (2018), and Highly Commended for Best Use of Summative Assessment Award (2018).

As the sponsor of the 2021 e-Assessment Award: Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment, Vretta aims to support organizations and institutions that design, develop, and implement assessments that not only measure student learning, but also support student success through the innovative use of technology in assessments.

About the e-Assessment Association

Founded in 2008, the e-Assessment Association is a not-for-profit membership organisation representing all industry sectors with an interest in e-Assessment including schools, FE and HE through to qualification providers, regulators, technology providers and industry consultants, both from the UK and internationally. With over 1,800 members worldwide we have three main goals:

  • to promote better assessment of knowledge, skills and capabilities of people through technology.

  • to build awareness of the benefits that technology brings to assessment, particularly around delivering better learning and assessment, rather than just greater efficiency.

  • to ensure we have a strong voice and influence in the key policy debates involving the assessment of learning, training and competency.